Lifting Strap Review -


Harbinger also manufactures a very well put together powerlifting strap.

The Harbinger strap is also a strong player where it counts... in the gym. They perform very well allowing you to lift weight beyond your grip strength limits. The material used grips well on the bar so loosing your grip is not a concern.

The cotton strap used is top quality and should provide a long life of use and abuse. It is the heaviest cotton strap of all the straps reviewed. The only minor thing we noticed was the strap is a bit stiff right out of the package and will require a break in period before they are properly loosened up. This is not a major drawback and shouldn't be a deterrent for anyone leaning toward this brand. These straps are even a touch stiffer then the Schiek straps.

The strap is a hair longer than the Schiek at 20 1/2" long.

The padding used is a nice quality neoprene with a thickness I appreciated for good comfort. They only do 3 short strips of stitching on the padding along the short side and no stitching along the long edges of the pad or on the inner part. This is a bit of a concern for me as it makes the padding susceptible to tearing or ripping off.

Overall the workmanship is well done with nice attention to detail.

These are a strap I would recommend to a friend with my only hesitation being the lack of stitching all around the padding. Time will tell how well the padding holds up in the long run.

The question I emailed to Fit Shop who sells these straps on Amazon.com was responded to within a couple hours the same day with a professional and thorough answer. Fit Shop sports a very respectable 4.8 out of 5 Star seller rating over the past 12 months.

Great straps!

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