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Jeremy Using our Rip Toned Lifting Straps

Using Weight Lifting Straps the Right Way! Rip Toned is dedicated to providing high quality weightlifting accessories at a quality price and work hard to make sure our products function well with a long product life. We put a pair of our weight lifting straps into the hands of Jeremy at Impact Fitness in Spokane […]

Lifting Straps How to Use

How to Use Lifting Straps One very common question from weightlifters is how to use lifting straps properly. After reading this article and watching the video you should fully understand how to use them and many of their benefits.     1. String the unlooped part of the straps in through the open loopholes to […]

Lifting Wrist Straps

Extremely tough physical exercises such as dead lifts, cable rows or shrugs could be much better done when wearing weight lifting wrist straps. Typically, the exercises that need using these weightlifting devices are catches and back exercises, but they are very useful for the performance of curls and pinhead presses alike. Beginners are typically unaware […]

Weightlifting Straps – Rip Toned Padded Lifting Straps

Weight lifting Wrist Straps for More than Just Bodybuilders and Powerlifters Weightlifting straps… although not even remotely close to the slickest weight lifting equipment in your gym bag could be your best accessory investment yet. Everyone wants to maximize their potential and push more weight than ever before… so what is stopping YOU? Everyone and everything […]

Weightlifting Equipment and Accessories

Weightlifting Equipment and Accessories – Get the Low Down on the Basics You Will Need Weightlifting or strength-training is an excellent training method to get strong, fit and look your best. While aerobic exercises mainly only stresses your heart, weightlifting increases your metabolism rate and makes you lose fat in a much more efficient manner. […]

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