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Using Lifting Straps for Repping Joe and Jenny

Using Lifting Straps for Repping Joe and Jenny

Joe Parrish has “bought in” to hard work & dedication…
As a young kid from a small farm town this work ethic was instilled into him through his chores and getting up early to catch the school bus.

Joe grew up quickly with real toughness.
His whole life he gravitated to athletic interests, spending years training for basketball and at an early age drawn to the world of weightlifting and health and fitness.

At the age of 22 Joe entered the marine corp and returned a seasoned war vet after traveling all over the world.
Joe twice achieved the rank of Sergeant with 2 Honorable discharges for USMC and the Army.

While being dedicated to his own physical training with the corp he stumbled on his natural ability to teach and inspire others.

The combination of his love for achieving personal fitness and helping others reach their own goals through bodybuilding was a challenge worthy of his next upcoming adventure. This new venture helped Joe overcome the effects of war and to help him keep his mind and body healthy.

Over the years Joe has placed in many Bodybuilding shows and is dedicated to train personally as well as continuing to teach and inspire others.

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