Lifting Strap Review -


Grizzly build a great quality padded lifting strap.

The Grizzly style is unique to all the lifting straps we reviewed. Instead of a loop in the cotton strap you put your hand through (like the other 5), with these there is a velcro strap with a plastic clasp you use to strap it around your wrist. There is then a cotton strap similar to the other contenders which is to wrap around the bar. There is also a neoprene on the inside of the part that straps around your wrist.

The Grizzly lifting strap works well in the gym. They grip well on the bar, provide lots of wraps and give very good support. I found the part that straps to my wrist to be a bit bulky and stiff which slightly limited my mobility.

The cotton strap is very good quality and should provide an excellent life span. The material is a bit stiff and will require some break in period.

The strap is nice and long and provides as many bar wraps as the Rip Toned strap.

The padding used is a good quality neoprene. The neoprene is an equivalent thickness to the top 3 lifting straps. Grizzly does 3 strips of stitching on the padding along the short side and no stitching along the long edges of the pad or on the inner part. This is a bit of a concern for me as it makes the padding susceptible to tearing or ripping off.

Overall the workmanship is very well done with nice attention to detail.

These straps are good contenders and will work fine for their intended purpose. Personally I didn't prefer the design of these and feel they would be cumbersome moving between sets if you were constantly having to put them on and take them off. As well with the bulky and stiff wrist strap I didn't find them as comfortable as some of the others.

These are an effective and well made lifting strap and you may personally prefer this design but due to my preference I could not give them a higher rating and as a result would be hesitant to recommend them.