Lifting Strap Review -


Rip Toned designed these straps so they could be used at the competitive lifting caliber. They only used the highest quality materials so they could comfortably offer their Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Although they are designed so a pro can use them, any lifter of any age or level of experience will gain immediate benefits from these straps.

Rip Toned, from listening to their customers knew many like an extra wrap around the bar so they made the straps over 2" longer than most of the competition. The Rip Toned strap measures in at 22 3/4".

They also noticed many other straps had issues with the padding ripping off so they made sure the padding was sewn all around the perimeter of the padding and not just spot stitching the corners.

The cotton strap used is high grade but while making sure it is a flexible material so they can be used right out of the packaging without any need to break them in.

Not only do we make sure we use the highest quality materials we also take the time and attention to detail while crafting our weight lifting straps. We make sure all our straps are uniform, the stitching is clean and consistent. As mentioned above we don't skimp on attaching the padding to the cotton and package it all in a nifty reusable snap pouch.

When using the straps for any required weight lifting exercise, you will get what is expected. A no slip grip. The cotton material along with the added length of strap provides the maximum grip necessary even for the heaviest of lifting.

To see what other lifters think of the Rip Toned straps check out the hundreds of 5 Star reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

Naturally since Rip Toned are our straps I would for sure recommend them to a friend. But in all honesty if I didn't believe our product was top notch I would be embarrassed to tell my friend about them if they were trash.

Our customer service team shows a 0.7 hour response time to messages sent. We also boast a 4.9 out of 5 Star Seller Rating based on over 200 customer feedback ratings over the past 12 months.

The only main complaint we have had is with people with smaller wrists sometimes find the padding is too large and gets in the way of really tightening the strap properly. So, we responded by building a new strap design with a shorter padding strip just for these folks. These are currently being manufactured and I will add the link to these once they are available sometime late December 2014.

Yes, we truly do offer a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and welcome your questions, feedback or suggestions.

To pick up a set of our Rip Toned weightlifting straps on click here