January 6, 2017

Featuring Sergio Luna Junior Division Powerlifter

Sergio Luna competes in the 165 weight class as a Junior division powerlifter.With 6 years of total lifting experience, Sergio has dedicated the past 2 years to stepping on the platform and is currently a part of Team Lilliebridge who trains out of JAKKED HARDCORE in the Midwest.Boasting a 450+ squat, 300+ bench, and 540+ deadlift he is currently ranked in the top 25 of his division nation wide and owns multiple state and national records across numerous federations.Ultimately his goal is to continue climbing up that ranking through hard work, consistency, and dedication.Keep tabs on Sergio’s continual pursuit of his goals by checking out his site SurgeToNewLevels.com

Strength is the Product of Struggle

Strength is the Product of Struggle

Sergio Luna has been extremely helpful in assisting Rip Toned by putting our lifting straps through the ringer and providing helpful feedback regarding quality and functionality. If you or your Club would like to be Featured “In the Trenches” on the RipToned site please click here to Contact Us.


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