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Bento Lunch Box

Bento Lunch Box

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Discover The Secret To A Healthier Wealthier You

Cost Effective Healthy Eating Starts With Balanced Home Cooked Meals, But How Does One Accomplish This In The Workplace Or At School? 

  • Monday you commit to eat healthier and decide to bring a nice lunch to work, but you need a Bento Box that is leakproof between compartments and around the edges. Without that feature your day will be ruined! 
  • Tuesday, You decide to use Tupperware containers only to find the cheap plastic hinges are broken! 
  • Wednesday, it's back to dining out. 
  • You need a better option! 

Introducing Lifemark Labs' Leak-Proof Bento Lunch Boxes!

Healthy Eating has Never Been So Enjoyable!

  1. These Stylish Lunch Boxes are Completely Leak-proof.. EVEN BETWEEN COMPARTMENTS. Push down in the center, run your hand along the ridges and with the Four Sturdy Hinges these Boxes Lock Tight! 
  2. These Clever Containers are made of the Highest Quality 100% Food Grade BPA/Free Plastic and are Microwave and Freezer Safe as well as Dishwasher Friendly! (*LID SHOULD NOT BE PUT IN THE MICROWAVE*) 
  3. The Sleek Design of These come in Four Beautiful Colors and are Great for School, Office, Camping and the Gym! 
  4. Pack All Those Items You Never Could Before! Portion Control is a Breeze with These! 
  5. Buy a Different Color for You and Each of Your Loved Ones! 

Buy Now Get A PDF Cookbook Full of Great Recipes For FREE!

We Believe In The Quality and Durability of our Bento Boxes So Much that We Offer a Hassle Free Lifetime Replacement GUARANTEE!

Why Wait? Choose Your Favorite Colors and Order Now!

  • EAT HEALTHIER AND SIMPLER OR WE'LL SEND YOUR MONEY BACK! ­ For the Environmentally Conscious, Our Bento Boxes are Made From the Highest Quality 100% Food Grade BPA Free Plastic and are Microwave and Freezer Safe.
  • TIRED OF LEAKY MESSES IN YOUR PURSE OR KIDS SCHOOL BACKPACK? These Stylish Bento Boxes are Completely Leakproof Even BETWEEN COMPARTMENTS and Are Dishwasher Safe for Easy Cleaning.
  • HEALTHY MEALS & SNACKS "ON THE GO" JUST BECAME A BREEZE ­ A Healthy Lifestyle starts with Healthy Eating­ - These Clever To Go Containers are Great for Portion and Macro Control As Well.
  • AS SEEN ON ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & GOOGLE NEWS - Be the envy of your friends. ­ Your New ToGo Lunch Kit Isn't Just Incredibly Functional, You Also Get Your Choice of Four Beautiful Colors, Great For Kids & Adults! Take them to School, Office, Camping, Road Trips or the Gym.
  • OUR STURDY LUNCH BOXES ARE BACKED WITH A LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY ­ Our Customer Support Team is Standing By to Answer Any Questions or Concerns You May Have. **FREE PDF With Every Purchase to Help You Get the Most From Your New Bento Box PLUS BONUS Recipes and Snacks**


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