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Weightlifting: Routines Equipment Supplements & Benefits

Introduction to Weightlifting: Routines, Equipment, Supplements And Benefits

weightlifting benfitsWeightlifting or strength-training is a great way to increase strength and sculpt the body of your dreams. Unlike aerobic exercises, weightlifting benefits offered  are many such as increased metabolism rate and more efficient fat loss. Lifting weights uses resistance to stress the desired muscles. If you’re looking to get into shape and make your friends and family take notice, then there is no better alternative beginning a weightlifting routine.

Just like how aerobic exercises strengthen your heart, weightlifting exercises strengthen your muscles which are under stress. You can perform strength-training either with free weights such as dumbbells and barbells, or you can use weight machines. Weightlifting can take many forms. It can either be practiced as a sport, a training program, or as a bodybuilding tool.

Weightlifting Routines

The beauty of weightlifting lies in the fact you have so many exercise routines to choose from… whether you are using a barbell or dumbbells if you are using proper technique you are left feeling great and more confident.

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1. Squats: Said to be the King of all exercises, Squats train your legs as well as the rest of your body. It is a recommended exercise of any routine. It can done either with barbells on your back or without.

2. Front Squats: a variant of the squat, here you keep the barbell on the front of your shoulders instead of the back. It is a great exercise to build core strength.

3. Bench Press: One of the major upper body exercises that targets the chest muscles primarily. Triceps and shoulders are the secondary muscles that get targeted.

4. Overhead Press: It is a simple but very tough master exercise that targets your shoulders. It involves lifting the weight above your shoulders while standing.

5. Deadlift: One of the best strength building exercise after Squats. Deadlift trains your back and your legs. Keeping your spine erect throughout the exercise should be your main goal.

6. Barbell Rows: Another back exercise that involves pulling the weight towards your lower chest from the ground. It also trains your biceps and shoulders.


There are many other exercises and weightlifting routines, but they usually involve a variant of the major ones listed above.

Weightlifting Equipment and Accessories

Weightlifting requires some basic equipment to get started. While you can always dabble with body weight exercises in the beginning, it is recommended you shift to weighted exercises soon.

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1. Barbells: They are long bars of metal and usually come in different sizes. It is recommended you use Olympic size bars as they give the most advantages, however you can choose smaller and lighter barbells especially for women and developing youth.

2. Dumbbells: It is always recommended to get dumbbells with steel handles and knurling than with others. They are ubiquitous and can be used for different exercises.

3. Squat Rack: Exercises such as Squats and Bench Press require you to have a proper rack or Power Cage to carry them out safely and effectively. Your Squat Rack must be able to accommodate the Barbells of your choice.

4. Plates: The weighted plates are added to the end of barbells as required. Try to get weights in as many denominations as possible. It is better to have few higher-weighted plates and many lower-weighted plated as it helps in progressive training.

5. Bench: If your Power Cage doesn’t come with a bench built-in, then you need to get one. It is necessary to perform the Bench Press.



Weightlifting Supplements

While real nutritional whole food is the best way to get your energy and nutrients, sometimes you need to go for a bit extra. That’s where weightlifting supplements come in handy. Some of the best supplements you can take are Creatine, Whey Protein, Beta Alanine, Branch-Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) and Glutamine. The results you can achieve with the help of these supplements can be really transformational. Get advice on pumping more energy into each of your workouts with the help of energy boosting supplements.

Weightlifting Accessories

There are countless varieties of weightlifting accessories such as:

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Benefits of Weightlifting

There are a lot of advantages you’ll be gaining with weightlifting compared to other forms of exercises.

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1. Easy to get started and highly accessible.

2. There is a vast variety of exercises you can choose from.

3. It builds your strength by increasing your muscle mass and makes you more confident.

4. Weightlifting makes you healthier by burning fat, which in turn makes you also look your best.

5. Compared to other forms of exercises, weightlifting is much safer when done with proper techniques.

6. Gives you moe energy throughout your day for your other activities.

7. Strengthens your bones and core.


Weightlifting is a great physical activity that lets you stay healthier and looking young.

As you age, your muscles deplete and get replaced with fat. Weightlifting can reverse the trend and get you back in shape.

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