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Lifter of the Week - Aaron Stephenson

This feature aims to highlight and acknowledge outstanding individuals who never stop pushing in pursuing their fitness goals. It is a tribute to all weightlifters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts who share the same struggles and obstacles, conquering fears and most of all celebrating victories. We are all in this together.


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Q & A with AARON


a. Where are you from?

Madison, Wisconsin


b. Instagram Name



c. What motivates you to train?

I eventually want to compete in a show so I’m trying to get the size I need to be able to be competitive. Training has really become my therapy and a passion for me I look forward to it every day and a day without it feels weird to me


d. What’s your greatest success in weightlifting?

I was a super skinny kid growing up so finding the gym really helped me find myself and gain the confidence I needed. It’s cool to see the amount of progress you can make with consistency and hard work.


e. What music do you listen to when training?

My go to music of choice lately is Christian rap


f. Who are your bodybuilding inspiration?

One of the greats I learned a lot from and admire was John Meadows. He helped me grow in knowledge through his YouTube and seemed like such a genuine and happy guy.


g. What are your dreams and/or what excites you?

One day I hope to open up my own gym, but outside of lifting I want to be able to travel and see more of the world 

h. Do you have any shout outs or people you’d like to thank?

I’d like to thank my parents for always supporting me in everything I do and believing in me. They’re huge supporters of my dreams.

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