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Lifter of the Week - Leonardo Puentes

This feature aims to highlight and acknowledge outstanding individuals who never stop pushing in pursuing their fitness goals. It is a tribute to all weightlifters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts who share the same struggles and obstacles, conquering fears and most of all celebrating victories. We are all in this together.

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a. Where are you from?

Originally from Chicago but I now live in Laconia, NH.


b. Instagram name



c. What motivates you to train?

I dream of competing one day.


d. What music do you listen to when training?

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Hip hop


e. Who is your bodybuilding inspiration?

Brandon Curry


f. What are your dreams and or what excites you?

I dream of one day making a name for myself by motivating others in the gym or just in life to push themselves.


g. Do you have any shout outs or people you’d like to thank?

I just wanna thank my best friend jimmy for letting me know some years back I was getting flabby and my daughter's for always motivating me to become stronger.


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Winners Train, Losers Complain
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