Squats: A Must in Weightlifting and for Strength Training

squats weight lifter knee sleeves

Considered as the King of all exercises, squats are the best exercise to help train your legs and practically your entire body. Doing squats in weightlifting has proven to contribute greatly in building more muscle and becoming a better weightlifter.

There are different variations of squats however the front squat and back squat are the most favored by bodybuilders, powerlifters, as well as athletes who include weight training in their workout simply because of its effectiveness in building strength and endurance.

Not only are squats ideal for muscle builders but this type of weightlifting exercise also provides substantial benefits for an individual’s overall physical fitness. Squats can be done either with dumbbells or barbells.

Here are some of the great benefits of squats:

1. Squats increase the release of hormones in the body.
Performing squats is a total body exercise which stimulates growth hormones and testosterone. These hormones help build muscles not only in your lower legs but also many other body parts including the buttocks, lower back, upper back and abdominals.

2. Squats strengthen your core area.
Doing squats in your workout routine allows for enhanced core strength. Squats help you achieve a solid abs in a short time.

3. Squats lead to improved flexibility.
Aside from building strength, the full range of motion your body does when performing squats helps boost flexibility. Your entire hip area increases its range of motion from doing deep squatting exercise. This makes your hips stronger and decreases the risk of back pain and allows you to better engage in activities where flexibility is essential.

4. Squats help reduce the risk of injury.
When you have stronger and leaner muscles surrounding your back, knees, hips, and other body parts, the more protection you have from potential injury. Also, as your flexibility increases, the more active your body will become. This also reduces your chance of getting an injury.

5. Squats improve your daily workout efficiency.
Achieving the above mentioned benefits add up to an improved workout efficiency. The stronger and more flexible you become, the faster you will achieve your workout goals. If your objective is to have a bulked up figure or a leaner one, you are well on your way.