Lifter of the Week - Vincent Parenteau - Rip Toned

Lifter of the Week - Vincent Parenteau

This feature aims to highlight and acknowledge outstanding individuals who never stop pushing in pursuing their fitness goals. It is a tribute to all weightlifters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts who share the same struggles and obstacles, conquering fears and most of all celebrating victories. We are all in this together.

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Q & A with VINCENT


a. Where are you from?

Montréal, Canada


b. Instagram Name



c. What motivates you to train?

I enjoy everything related to strength! From powerlifting to calisthenic!


d. What’s your greatest success in weightlifting?

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I have recently started to do more volume training and slang board squats have been my quad destroyer!


e. What music do you listen to when training?

Check me out on Spotify, vincent parenteau !


f. Who are your weightlifting inspiration?



g. What are your dreams and or what excites you?

I work as a sport massage therapist, my goal is to help people to manage there pain and to move better!


h. Do you have any shout outs or people you’d like to thank?

@kettlebellwarrior @primalswoldier



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