Get that celebrity booty in 10 easy to do work out routines


Ever wished you had that perfectly round behind? News flash; we all do. That perky butt seems to be the talk all over town, and most especially, social media. And we’re here to break down top 10 butt workouts celebrities never-miss doing to get that picturesque booty. 

Butt why though,

Commonly known as glutes, butt exercises have been a focal point in terms of aesthetics and achieving that coca-cola form. But according to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak It doesn’t simply end there. Glutes are made up of three muscle groups: the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and the gluteus maximus. With these three combined and strengthened, it supports your lower back, pelvis and assists knee extension providing more balance. 

This means that getting your butts up from flab to fab is actually hitting two birds with one stone! Not only do we benefit from a stronger form and balance, we also get that Insta-worthy booty-licious.

Our resident brand ambassador Destini Rose an IFBB Bikini Pro, professional bodybuilder, and online trainer has been kind enough to indulge us about her best practices when it comes to firming up those glutes! 


1. Squats 

Arguably, the most basic butt workout of all time. You can do this in the park, at home or even in the gym if you want to do it with kettlebells. Each variation targets a different group of your glutes. Start with 5 reps each variation and build up from there with either kettlebells, resistance bands or both.

Narrow Stance

Stand tall with both feet together. Start your squat motion all the way down slowly until you get the hang of it. Push your hips back and balance with the use of your feet and heels. You should feel your core engaged and chest during. Squeeze your glutes on your way back up with reps of five. 

Regular Stance

Starting with your feet, position them a little wider than your shoulders width or hips. Start with your squat motion slowly downwards until you get used to it. Common mistakes people do is rushing the squat motion. Doing things slowly as you begin engages muscle groups even more as compared to doing it fast. Make sure you dip all the way to your knees and not any lower. 

Wide Stance 

Follow the same steps with a regular stance only this time, widen your feet farther apart, an inch each foot will do. Now twist your toes outside a little bit but make sure each foot is parallel to one another. Slowly squat down like so and as always, squeeze your buttocks on your way up. 

2. Glute Bridge

With some sort of cushion, a yoga mat or rubber matting, lay flat on your back and with knees bent. Plant your feet flat on the floor parallel with your shoulders. Place your arms flat on the side with palms facing the floor. Raise one leg up, the bottom of your feet should be facing upwards. Now push your lower back up creating a slanted bridge and engage your core as you squeeze your buttocks in one motion. Do a set with 5 reps per leg and switch. If you’re up for a challenge, simply add a set or rep per set.


3.Clock Lunges

Stand straight up with your chest lifted and your legs together. Picture yourself standing in the middle of a giant clock. Engage your core while doing each variation.

Lunge to your 9 o’clock

Position your left leg to your 9 o’clock doing a side lunge. Now touch your left foot using your right hand downwards and slowly engage your core and glutes on your way back up. 

Lunge to your 3 o’clock

Position your right leg to your 3 o’clock position doing a side lunge. Now touch your right foot using your left hand downwards and slowly engage your core and glutes on your way back up. 

Lunge to your 8 o’clock

Position your left leg to your 8 o’clock position and reach downwards touching your toes. Bend your knees slightly on the same leg for comfort. On your way back up, don’t put all your weight on your knees, instead use it to support and resume position all the way back up. Engage your core and squeeze your glutes.

Lunge to your 4 o’clock

Position your right leg to your 4 o’clock position and reach downwards touching your toes. Bend your knees slightly on the same leg for comfort. On your way back up, don’t put all your weight on your knees, instead use it to support and resume position all the way back up. Engage your core and squeeze your glutes.


4.Bent knee glute kickback

Hit the floor on all fours with rubber mats or cushioned mats. Now bend your elbows just like how you would do in a planking position. Raise one leg at a time with your knees bent and engage your ab muscles and core while kicking upwards. Do 5 reps per leg or simply add up on the reps for better impact. Overtime, you’re going to want to use resistance bands with this. The more you do, the easier it gets. 


5. Plyometric Jumps

Get you gym shoes on as this will not be a cake walk. Better suited outdoors or with a wide space. Stand up straight with your chest out and your core engaged. Now imagine hitting a steep staircase 4-5 steps ahead. Do this motion and imagine yourself rushing upwards the stairs. Push your booty back and throw your knees upwards chest level. Alternate leaps on each side for 5 reps.

Credits to Christina Carlyle and her fitness website 

6. Clamshells

With a yoga mat or soft matting on the floor lay on your side and put your torso up with your elbows. Palms on mat for balance and stability. With your legs together, bend your knees without separating your feet. Raise your top knee up to the hips opening your legs and close them back down. Best done in front of a mirror so you can memorize your position. For added difficulty in the future, we recommend resistance bands.


7.Walk and Lunge

Do this anywhere from your backyard, front porch or in the park. Walking lunges are the easiest and most basic of them all provided you do them correctly and with the right form in mind. Stand tall with your chest up and your core muscles engaged. Slowly step forward with one leg as you lower your hips. With your other leg left at the back, your knees should almost hit the floor. Make sure you squeeze your glutes coming back up alternating each lunge per step.


8.Hip Thrust

Sit on the floor with something sturdy behind you, like a solid bench or a soft couch with a wall behind it. Now lean back until your shoulders are set onto the bench. With a 90 degree angle, bend your knees as your feet are planted on the floor. Remember to not raise your heels during this. Squeeze your buttocks as you thrust your hips upwards and engage your core. For added impact, you can hold the top position after the thrust and engage your glute muscles even more. Slowly rest your squeeze on the way down. Once you get used to it, you can hold a steel plate just above your thighs and rest it on to your belly. 


9. Weighted staircase 

Much like a plyometric jump, this should be easier to pull off. While standing up straight, chest out and core muscles engaged, step on to a sturdy bench while grabbing light weights on both hands. Lunge forward using your bent knee and while putting half of  your weight from your thighs all the way to your knees and planted foot. With your other leg stretching out, engage your booty muscles as you straighten your legs. Repeat the same steps alternating from left to right leg. If you don’t have any dumbbells, you can carry a plated weight and put it on your chest for each rep engaging core muscles even more. 


10. Single Leg Deadlift

Engage your core while standing up and chest pushed out. Plant your feet on the floor by hips width. Shoot your hips back and slowly shift your weight to one leg as the other one extends behind you. Your raised leg should be slightly bent and that’s okay. The important part is the rise as you should feel some pressure on your ab muscles as well as squeezing your glutes in the process. Return to a standing position and alternate each leg with reps of 5. 

This not only helps you tone your butt and engage your core muscles, it also helps with mastering your balance. If you feel like you can’t keep it up for very long, do this while holding onto an edge of a table. You’ll be sure to see results soon as you’ll slowly keep your balance in check. 

We hope this article brings you closer to your celebrity booty goals.