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You work hard to look good, you deserve to feel great. Sure life can be challenging at times but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride and have fun along the road.

That is how I (Mark) the guy who started Rip Toned feel about life in general, our Company and how we live our own personal life. 

Rip Toned UnPacked...

Rip Toned is a "MARK" story. A story about a single dad who went on a journey. 

Mark, at one time was a successful real estate investor who through a series of events ended up in his early 40’s financially broke, a single dad of 2 young sons, with a broken neck from a trampoline accident. Mark through a series of lifes ups and downs connected with is values and passions to help people on their journey to fitness, freedom and fulfillment.

Mark formed Rip Toned and began developing fitness accessories. The rest is history being made in real-time.

We Believe...




Rip Toned lifting straps

At Rip Toned we are well aware fitness and wellness means something different for each of us.

We all have our own journey.

So we committed to make products easy to use, accessible for everyone, environmentally friendly and backed with a warranty and customer service you deserve.

Will you join us on this journey?


Not Wanting To Toot Our Own Horn But…

We don’t really like to go on and on about what we think we’ve done well. But many people like to know we can actually pull off what we claim we can. 

So we could talk about the 10’s of thousands of customers we’ve helped, served and satisfied with our products, content and customer service over the years…


We could talk about how we have Been Seen on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Digital Journal and Google News





It’d be easy to drop in

some ACTUAL customer reviews like…

Got these lifting straps by Rip Toned for Christmas. The first day I used them I was able to lift much more weight and complete many more sets than normal. I should have bought these years ago! The customer service from Rip Toned is excellent and the guarantee is unbeatable. I LOVE them and I HIGHLY recommend them!” (Thanks Craig)

“I ordered this item after my leather weightlifting belt dried out and cracked after a year of use. The belt was delivered the next day and I received very good customer support from the RIP Toned company. They have a link to the website for customer support, product recommendations, and training advise. Very good, customer friendly business. I found their web site and reviewed the product before my purchase. http://riptoned.com/

My son and I each bought a belt and have used it for squats, dead-lifts and other lifts which require additional support. We found the belt gave excellent support and the comfort of material was top notch. We are veteran lifters and put the equipment through abuse, especially on heavy lifting days. After a couple months of use, the belt has retained its durability and comfort. I would recommend this belt to those who are serious weightlifters that do not compete in powerlifting. Recommend for Cross-fit, weight training, and fitness enthusiast.” (Thanks Nova)

“I've been having some trouble with my left knee off and on for a few years, tried various things but mostly worked through the pain during workouts.

I then tried this knee sleeve, and I gotta say, I'm really impressed! Fits super snug, stays in place and it's really comfortable! Knee felt great doing some heavy sets of box squats. I liked it so much I got another sleeve! My max on squats jumped 20lbs once I wore both sleeves! My leg days are much more productive and safe now that I have these!” (Thanks Nick Hoov)

“I LOVE this Stylish Leakproof Microwavable Lunch Kit! First of all, it is so pretty! I love the soft blue color and the fact that it has partitions. I don't have to bring several containers with me when I pack food. I use it for work and I also use it when traveling. I am always conscious about what I eat because I used to have full blown diabetes. This Lunch Kit allows me to pack perfectly portioned food servings! It is very sturdy, well made and it is nothing like the cheap plastic containers that you can get from box stores. You'll know/see what I mean when you get this lunch box for yourself! They are leak proof too - and I couldn't be happier about that because I absolutely hate it when my containers leak stuff all over my lunch bag! This is truly worth checking out and getting because you will be using it for a very long time!” (Thanks Roy)


We could show some videos done by well known YouTubers about our products like..



But like we said in the beginning… We don’t like to Toot our Own Horn :)

One Last Thing...

We believe in Community and highly value relationship sooooo...

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