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Lifting Straps & Wrist Wraps Combo Pack

Lifting Straps & Wrist Wraps Combo Pack

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You sashay across the gym floor, a hush sweeps across the room… you approach the rack, the bar is practically daring you to quit before you even start…

It’s a monumental PR attempt and everyone knows it.

Under your breath you tell yourself “I got this”… then slight panic sets in… did you leave your lifting straps on the table when you were heading out the door this morning?

A sigh of relief passes over your lips when you tentatively reach into your sweaty old gym bag and pull out your wrist straps.

Time is practically standing still as you slip the soft pliable cotton straps over your wrists…

The comfy neoprene padding sits perfectly in place… you begin wrapping the wrist wrap around the bar… it’s at this moment you are grateful choosing the Rip Toned strap which is a couple inches longer than most allowing that one extra wrap for such a crucial lift.

Ugh… a brief flash of doubt races through your mind… “this could go either way” you think.

Then as quickly as the thought came you dismiss it with mental strength and determination equal to the physical strength you’ve built over the years to be able to experience this moment.

You grit your teeth, flex every muscle in your body anddddd…

Of course you ROCK OUT your new PR. You gotta love this sport!!

How They Will Help You....

  • Confidence building durable cotton strap… they will pull the weight you need them to.
  • Stitching meticulously sewn with the same love and attention as Grandma did when sewing your Christmas present.
  • Longer is better right? For the important lifts you have an extra 2-3 inches for the “insurance” wrap around the bar. Full 23 1/4” X 1 1/2”.
  • We heard rumors of "breaking in" rigid new straps. At Rip Toned we aren’t familiar with that concept… use our wrist strap for weightlifting comfortably right out of the package.
  • Lift more weight and complete more sets when wearing wrist wraps than normal. You’ll wish you bought these years ago.
  • Need to know… Our bonus lifting strap PDF covers the “how to”, “when to”, “why to”, “who to” and “what to”.
  • Ribbon on top… Our best wrist wraps are nicely delivered in a handy reusable snap pouch.
  • These bad boys can be hand washed or machine washed (gentle cycle) when they take on the nice fresh gym aroma. Try it, your friends will thank you :) 
  • Sure "things happen" and nobody is perfect which is why our Customer Harmony team is excitedly waiting to see how they can of assistance.
  • Help alleviate wrist pain. Protect your wrists from injury.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 442 reviews
Pj Breen

These where great love the stiffness

Pj Breen

These where great love the stiffness

Robert Bean

So easy to order. Great product. Use them 7 days a week at the gym and never had a problem.

Robert Bean

So easy to order. Great product. Use them 7 days a week at the gym and never had a problem.

Mina Demon

Quick delivery and happy with the product. Game changer at the gym.