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5mm Elbow Sleeve (SINGLE)

5mm Elbow Sleeve (SINGLE)

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Show Your Elbows Some Love

You only get 2 elbows so you better take care of them and make them last.

Whether your elbows are perfect or a little worse for wear, now is the time to show them some love. 

The Rip Toned elbow sleeve works both as a preventative measure by helping protect your elbows during activity and also as assistance in promoting healing and recovery of an existing injury.

The list of applications for elbow sleeves is long... really long... so while we offer
some suggestions let your imagination fill in the blanks.

If you have tendinitis or pulled muscles... Perfect application!

If you have a weightlifting injury, tennis elbow or golfers elbow... Perfect application!

Any activity or sport where you would like a little extra elbow support and stability for 
greater performance... Perfect application! 

Any activity or sport like weight lifting, Crossfit or powerlifting where you could potentially sustain an elbow injury... Perfect 

If you experience elbow discomfort during any daily activity like computer work, lifting
items, certain movements... Perfect application!

If you have an existing elbow injury and would like to encourage and speed up healing... Perfect application!

The Rip Toned elbow sleeve is made of top quality 5mm neoprene providing excellent
compression and support while not restricting movement or sliding down the arm.

5mm vs 7mm elbow sleeves - 7mm sleeves are thicker and more bulky. These are typically best for knee sleeves. Knee sleeve thickness can be more than elbow sleeves since the legs are more powerful and can move easier with the 7mm. 5mm neoprene sleeves are ideal for elbow sleeves as they provide compression, support while allowing movement and mobility for activities.

The snug fit helps reduce swelling and discomfort of an injured elbow and support and stability during activities where it’s needed.

The compression neoprene used by Rip Toned in both our elbow sleeves and knee sleeves will keep your elbows and your knees warm all while  increasing blood flow providing a more effective warm-up and performance during your activities. 

The Rip Toned sleeve also provides excellent joint support.

Obviously we could go on and on but I think you get our point...

Slip on your elbow sleeve(s) and use it for optimal performance and to insure your elbows keep allowing you to do the activities you love for a long time to come.

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