2. Lifting Straps & Wrist Wraps

You train hard to be the best at your chosen sport. The benefits of all those hours of practice, sacrifice and physical preparation brings a lot of satisfaction from self mastery and achieving goals.

Plus, don't you love the feeling of confidence and the self esteem boost you get from moving towards your dreams and doing the activities you love?

Just as a skilled carpenter wouldn't dare showing up at the job site without their cherished power tools, why do so many athletes show up without "tools" of their own to...

  • Give them the competitive edge whether while practicing or in full game mode.
  • Increase the effectiveness of every step, leap, deke or movement.
  • Protect their back, knees, elbows, wrists and other vital body parts from potential injury.
  • Offer a little mental boost of confidence to push themselves to a new limit.
  • Provide support to already injured body parts to allow an athlete to train or compete during recovery.