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4 Tips to Improve Lifting Gains The Right Way

Gains are confirmation that your hard work is paying off. While most gains are earned through weeks and months of training and repetition, most results are even harder to come by, especially if you’re not doing everything correctly. Nevertheless, here’s 4 ways in which you can see instant-like improvements in your weight lifting efforts.

Use Lifting Straps
Proper grip is crucial for getting the most out of your workouts. When it comes to overhand grip lifts like deadlifts, the strength of your grip can become a limiting factor that prevents you from lifting as much weight as you could with a proper grip.

Lifting straps are easy to use and unlike chalk, are mess-free and allowed in virtually every gym. When used properly, lifting straps allow you to lift more weight and perform more reps, maximizing the results of your workout.

Reexamine Your Form
Most gym goers know having good form while lifting is key to preventing injury, but for many lifts, having good form can make a huge difference in how much you can actually lift. Engaging all of the appropriate muscle groups leads to more power and results in the long run.

The best way of doing this if you don’t have a personal trainer is to record yourself doing different lifts and watch it back later and make sure you are not only using the right form, but are maintaining it throughout the set. 

Do Your Homework 
We all want gains, the faster it is, the better we feel about hitting the irons again and again. But doing it blindly "just cause" won’t get us anywhere, unless we actually research it. Leg day, chest day and arms should be done separately especially for rookie lifters. Another fact is, over exercising is not just a thing. It’s a real bad position to put yourself in. So do your homework and plan your work out at least a day ahead. 

Use a Lifting Belt
Beyond the support a quality lifting belt gives your lower back and core, there is scientific evidence that suggests using a lifting belt immediately adds at least 5-10% to your max squat and deadlift. 

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