Weightlifting Benefits – Many Health Benefits for Men and Women - Rip Toned

Weightlifting Benefits – Many Health Benefits for Men and Women

Learn the Many Benefits of Weightlifting

Weightlifting benefits 101… Few pleasures come close to the feeling of knowing you are in great shape and looking the part.
Unfortunately we live in a society obsessed with looks… blame it on Hollywood stars and Photoshop, but staying fit and keeping your body sculpted definitely has it’s benefits of opening up opportunities not to mention the immense weightlifting health benefits for men and women alike.
One popular method of keeping fit that has received much emphasis from both nutritionists and fitness experts alike is weightlifting

So what exactly are the benefits of weightlifting?

Recent studies reveal 1 out of every 10 premature deaths are caused by being overweight.
As you can expect, such findings have pushed more people, both men, women and youth into weight loss programs with the aim of staying on the right side of the bathroom scale. Unfortunately a lot of these people remain oblivious to the numerous perks that come with a well designed weightlifting routine. What people fail to realize is, losing weight includes muscle loss and without muscle your body is unable to burn fat nearly as effectively.
In other words, weightlifting and strength training is highly effective in burning of excess body fat, leading to optimum health.
The thrilling surge of energy that fills your body after a weightlifting session is quite exciting. Not only do you feel more energized but with less of you lugging around you won’t feel as fatigued. In fact, instead of making excuses why you shouldn’t do the next set, you’ll be coming up with reasons to add and extra set. This is primarily a result of weightlifting triggering the release of more endorphin (feel good hormones) in to your blood…call it the ‘weightlifting high’.
They say you look as good as you feel and quite true to this saying, weightlifting does wonders to your self esteem, your sense of confidence, not to mention the health benefit. Being able to fit in a smaller sized outfit (women love this) or the ability to perform exercises that previously seemed torturous works to give you a great sense of accomplishment…
It won’t take long before friends and family start noticing a happier, more fit and focused you.
Weightlifting benefits go beyond just how you look and feel, research findings have proven numerous other health benefits directly attributed to weight training. Apart from building muscles and strengthening bones, weightlifting also improves cognitive function among older people, boosts healthy cholesterol, lower risks of diabetes, regress obesity, allow kidney dialysis patients to live longer, resolves metabolic disorders and lessens the discomfort of lymph edema and swelling experienced after breast cancer.

What if you could get smarter just by lifting weights and keeping in shape?

Well, apparently you can!
Your brain needs a reprieve from the constant thinking and weightlifting provides just that… ever wonder why most successful people tend to be fit? In fact, sources reveal over a million of the 18 year old recruits that joined the army who were more fit than the others had a better I.Q, establishing a clear correlation between fitness and brain power.
Lastly, the strength training weightlifting benefits are ideal for keeping your joints flexible and healthy.
As you age, your flexibility tends to deteriorate; this can often mean giving up on some of your favorite activities because your old bones can’t handle the task.
Stereotypes of the past leave strength training to the men but studies show women enjoy the same long term health and wellness benefits. Don’t worry ladies, partaking in strength training does not have to lead to huge pipes and bulging muscles.
Don’t let the hands of time slow you down, fight back with a well planned weightlifting  and strength training program.

Here’s a great 1(ish) minute video on the benefits of weightlifting for women… BUT TRUST ME men these same benefits are here for you too.
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Coming soon… Weightlifting benefits for men versus the weightlifting benefits for women.

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