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The Lesser-known Benefits of Weightlifting

Alright alright, if you haven't started on your fitness journey just yet, this info is for you. But if you've been hitting irons for years like I am, then you know this to be true. Here's our top 4 unappreciated benefits of sweating it out like a beast!

Improved metabolism- When you are lifting weights you are burning calories. This results in your metabolism ramping up, even for a period of time after your workout while your body recovers. Building muscle mass in your body increases the amount of calories your body burns at rest as well.

Better sleep- Research has shown that weightlifting may help you fall asleep faster and even sleep more deeply. One study showed that after weight treating, people woke up fewer times during the night. This is especially good news for weightlifters because sleep is incredibly important for muscle growth and repair. 

Better posture- Posture is a fundamental part of how well we age. One of the leading causes of chronic back pain is poor posture. Regular weight training strengthens the muscles that help us keep an upright posture. Exercises like deadlifts build muscle in the legs, lower back, and core that all contribute to supporting your spine. 

Improved brain function- The link between physical fitness and mental fitness has been studied by scientists for years. A recent study has revealed that lifting weights can increase neuroplasticity– the brain's ability to form and reorganize connections. Beyond this, there is even evidence that weight training leads to the creation of new nerve cells.

All of these benefits and more come along with regular weight training. To maximize the benefits you receive from your hard work, check out Rip Toned’s line of weight training accessories that come with a lifetime replacement warranty

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