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Top 3 Work Out Myths EXPOSED!!

Geared up and ready to be a better you? Here's 3 Work out myths you have to stop doing!

As everyone is getting in shape at home due to the pandemic, many may fall into common beliefs as to what's effective and what's complete bonkers. We've scoured the internet for work out myths and we aim to expose each one of them! Here's a list of 3 NOT-TO-DO'S

The Protein shake mistake 

Though this is not completely wrong, it's not exactly right either. Research shows that chugging down protein shakes in between work out sessions and post work out, shows no scientific evidence to help "maximize" muscle gains. An existing study from Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, shows that, like any other mineral our body needs, actual consumed protein over dinner proves to be more effective in the long run. Your body is not a machine, stop thinking that it is. Our body needs rest. Not to mention, time to process and deliver all the nutrients we consume to different parts of the body. Drinking protein shakes does not speed up the process. 


I don't care how much I eat! I'll just double my gym hours!

We understand that losing weight is easier said than done. And we know how anyone in their right mind wouldn't ignore a properly seared steak in front of them. Unfortunately, focusing on exercise activities alone will have slow, if not, negative effects on the body. This is where proper nutrition and diet comes in to play. Knowing what our body needs without the excess makes a whole lot of difference. We simply cannot out burn what we consume. 


Stretching vs Warming up

New York based personal trainer Maik Weidenbach says "stretching is something people do just because they've been told to do it before working out." But actually, all it does is reduce muscle strength by 30% and the reduced tension may increase risk of injury. Any form of exercise will naturally product body heat, sweat and muscle tension. Warming up for a 10 minute walk accomplishes the same thing without exerting too much effort early on. You don't want to get to the gym already out of breath and then end up doing treadmills. 

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