Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Reaching Your Weightlifting Goals

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Frustrated with your weightlifting progress in the gym?
Do you have what you feel are realistic weightlifting goals but even after busting your butt pounding weights and working your weightlifting routines tirelessly you just aren’t attaining the levels you are hoping for?
Maybe you have tried some of the latest and greatest fitness routines, gone with higher reps and lower weight or are mixing and matching various exercises.
However nothing seems to be cutting it and bringing you closer to your weightlifting goals… well then you need to check out this article I found for you.
“Top 5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Result In Gym
After over 20 years in the personal training business, I’ve come to realize that many people still have problems achieving their personal fitness goals. While this is good for my business, the vast majority of people will be training on their own without a trainer. So it’s with these folks in mind that I’m writing this.
Regardless of the goal (fat loss, muscle gain, or performance), I believe there are a few commonalities to the lack of results the average trainee experiences.
Here are my top 5:
1. Trying to create the perfect workout
While knowledge is a great thing, many trainees experience “analysis paralysis.” The Internet age has made this a bigger problem than ever before.
Simply put, there is too much information available. We are constantly being bombarded by the latest tips, tricks and secrets to six-pack abs or buns of steel. And it all sounds good.
The result of this information overload is generally an over-complicated, convoluted, impossible to maintain program. By the time you’ve sprinkled in a little of program A with a dash of program B to an already too long program C, the resulting workout is a Frankenstein-like behemoth that takes too long to get through. You’re going to lose your mind for sure!
Do yourself a favor … pick one program that fits your goals and sensibilities and don’t add anything to it.”
To get you on the right track here is a great video showing some of the best muscle building weightlifting exercises you can use as a foundation to most any weightlifting routines.

As you can see it is not that difficult to meet your weightlifting goals if you follow this basic formula. Be sure to check back often for more weightlifting tips.

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