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I Believe...

Hi there, I'm Mark... the guy who started this whole Rip Toned thing. 

Fitness has always been important to me so a few years back I decided to share some of my journey with you.

I believe in "fitness" of more than just my body... I also work hard on keeping my mind, emotions, spirit, relationships and finances "fit" too. 

It's easy to talk about "fitness", but consistently getting in the trenches and doing the work day after day is the hard part. We all have time challenges, low motivation days, rough patches in life so it's important to have people in our corner cheering us on. 

I love the email I get every single day from you telling me about the new PR you set or how our products have helped you in achieving your goals. Believe it or not I also appreciate the email I get when our products don't work out for you or when they maybe fall short as these email help me improve our products which in turn help you too. 

I believe in what I do and I believe in you and your ability to meet and exceed your fitness goals. 

I/we at Rip Toned are here to help anyway we can... please reach out and say hi, share a story or a pic. We love to hear from you!!

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Pretty interesting post!

Blair Smith

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