Jeremy Using our Rip Toned Lifting Straps - Rip Toned

Jeremy Using our Rip Toned Lifting Straps

Using Weight Lifting Straps the Right Way!

Rip Toned is dedicated to providing high quality weightlifting accessories at a quality price and work hard to make sure our products function well with a long product life.

We put a pair of our weight lifting straps into the hands of Jeremy at Impact Fitness in Spokane Washington and this is what he was able to do with them

Weightlifting accessories are of course just tools to help you in your pursuit of your fitness goals. In order to succeed whether it is in weight loss, increasing muscle mass or in strength training we encourage you to find well reputed instruction on the best fitness regime for you and your goals and then get your butt into the game…

7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve (SINGLE)
Rip Toned
Live to Lift (White)
Vitamin C Gummies
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Rip Toned Gift Cards
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It doesn’t matter if you hit the local gym, set up your own routine at home or do pull ups on the monkey bars at the local playground, the important thing is doing “something” and do it fairly regularly.

Just ask Jeremy if he lifts the amount of weight he does by eating cookies and watching CSI…

If you or your Club would like to be Featured “In the Trenches” on the RipToned site please click here to Contact Us.

Wrist Wraps (Less Stiff)
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Vitamin D3 with K2, 1-3 serv. sz
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