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Lifter of the Week - David Lee

This feature aims to highlight and acknowledge outstanding individuals who never stop pushing in pursuing their fitness goals. It is a tribute to all weightlifters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts who share the same struggles and obstacles, conquering fears and most of all celebrating victories. We are all in this together.

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Q & A with DAVID

a. Where are you from?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


b. Instagram name

@lftaholics is a fitness account that I’m running with my friend Colby. We are hoping to make it a big brand. My personal Instagram is @d_llee


c. What motivates you to train?

I am motivated to train because I want to become a professional baseball player. That and building a good physique motivates me to train.


d. What’s your greatest success in lifting?

My greatest success in lifting is seeing big improvements in my strength and physique as well as improving my abilities in the field. Being able to run faster, throw harder, and hit farther have transformed my game and will help me get to the next level.


e. What music do you listen to when training?

I listen to a variety of music when I train. It ranges from rap to rock and sometimes even jazz because it keeps me calm when my anxiety ramps up.


f. Who is your weightlifting inspiration?

My lifting inspiration is my father. He played 5 years in the MLB with the Rockies, Padres, and Indians. I’m motivated to follow his footsteps in pro ball. With that being said I’d like to thank him for showing me how to lift and get stronger. Lifting has turned me into a hard worker and showed me that nothing comes overnight.


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