Lifter of the Week - Sabrina Keigley, DVM - Rip Toned

Lifter of the Week - Sabrina Keigley, DVM

This feature aims to highlight and acknowledge outstanding individuals who never stop pushing in pursuing their fitness goals. It is a tribute to all weightlifters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts who share the same struggles and obstacles, conquering fears and most of all celebrating victories. We are all in this together.

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Q & A with SABRINA


a. Where are you from?

I'm from West Virginia, and currently reside in Southwest LA


b. Instagram Name



c. What motivates you to train?

To be healthy to be my best self!!! Also to be an inspiration for my two sons, the younger generation and my family, and for my peers. It helps to know that people I love are inspired by my hard work. 


d. What’s your greatest success in bodybuilding?

Realizing I could push myself and my body further than I'd ever imagined after having spent my life being judged by intellectual capabilities. Learning to love myself and my body for all it can do was new to me.


e. What music do you listen to when training?

Dubstep, dance music, and hip hop/r&b


f. Who are your bodybuilding inspiration?

My kids honestly


g. What are your dreams and or what excites you?

Working on building a life centered around my mindset, gifts, and how I can best serve others. A bodybuilding lifestyle allows for a healthy body and mind for me and enables me to work towards more goals. Sharing the beautiful stories of others whose paths inspire me via social media is a big dream of mine!


h. Do you have any shout outs or people you’d like to thank?

Too many to list!!!


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