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5 Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics

Searching for the perfect gift for the cross-fitter or power-lifter in your life? Well here are some ideas for gifts that will show whomever you are shopping for that you care and support their dedication to improving their health and fitness level.

  • Lifting Straps- Quality lifting straps are invaluable when it comes to protecting one’s hands when lifting weights. They also reduce the chances of the wearer dropping weights due to sweaty palms. Even if you are unsure if the person you are shopping for has them or not, a new or back-up pair would likely be greatly appreciated. Check out size and style options at riptoned.com.

  • Foam Roller- Foam rollers are great for athletes of all kinds. Whether it is used before a workout to increase range of motion and prevent injury, or after a workout to relieve soreness, a good foam roller is an inexpensive tool that will have many lasting benefits. 

  • Lifting Belt- Lifting belts provide several benefits to weightlifters ranging from injury prevention to performance maximization. They work by stabilizing the spine and engaging core muscles during several different lifts. For a lifting belt that is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, check out Rip Toned’s line of products.

  • Soft Plyo Box- Currently, many gyms around the world are closed for the foreseeable future. To get a great plyometric workout at home, using a soft plyo box for training makes it easy for the person you are shopping for to get a great workout without the worry of banging their shins on an improvised plyo box at home.

  • Mini Phone Tripod- Even if the person you are shopping for isn’t a fitness influencer on social media, using modern tech like a smartphone's video camera to check form and document progress is incredibly valuable. Having a small phone tripod makes it easy and convenient to record yourself at home or at the gym.

    There's a few handy gift ideas for your gym lover.
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