Why Do I Need a Lifting Belt?

The weightlifting belt has been a staple in gyms for decades and is more iconic an accessory to power-lifters than Air pods could ever hope to be, but what exactly does a weightlifting belt do?

The two main reasons (besides the fashion statement) that athletes use weightlifting belts are to prevent injury and enhance performance in the weight room. Here is some information on how a good weightlifting belt can grant you those benefits.

Safety and Support- While lifting weights is a fantastic exercise with numerous benefits, there are also inherent risks, especially to the uninitiated. Weightlifting belts help reduce some of the risks of certain lifts by increasing the amount of intra-abdominal pressure and reducing the compaction of your spine, resulting in a well-supported lower back.

Both the muscles in your back and the spine itself benefit from the use of a lifting belt and receive less physical stress.

More Power- Besides relieving tension and stress from your muscular and skeletal systems, weight lifting belts also improve your performance on certain lifts like squat, dead lifts, and the clean and jerk. 

This increase in power has been proven by several scientific studies. By putting on a lighting belt many athletes could instantly hit new personal records and complete sets at a faster rate, all with more muscle activity in the zones that the specific lifts were targeting. 

Bottom Line- While simply strapping on a belt won’t instantly transform you into an Olympic power lifter, there is a reason why elite athletes insist on using them. They help prevent injury and enhance lifting abilities.

Our body is our temple and we have to start treating it as such.

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