Weightlifting Straps – Rip Toned Padded Lifting Straps - Rip Toned

Weightlifting Straps – Rip Toned Padded Lifting Straps

Weightlifting straps… although not even remotely close to the slickest weight lifting equipment in your gym bag could be your best accessory investment yet.

Everyone wants to maximize their potential and push more weight than ever before… so what is stopping YOU?

Everyone and everything has a weak link… what is YOURS?
While many look to diet… cycle… workout regime… supplements for the next level many overlook one simple possibility…
Often the weak link to lifting more weight and maximizing performance is in the grip!

Why Use Weightlifting Straps?

Quality no slip weight lifting wrist straps allow the confidence, safety and leverage critical to achieving your body’s peak performance and health we all so desperately seek.

Most think weightlifting straps are just for the massive bulked up boys competing in bodybuilding competitions lifting weight most of us never dream possible.

Truth is anyone who is limited by their grip in any of their weightlifting exercises could benefit from using wrist lifting straps.

Any exercise in your workout program where you are working against gravity or if the weight or resistance is pulling away from you are exercises where you potentially could use a higher amount of weight but may not be able to due to the limited strength of your grip on the barbell.

Most Common Exercises for Weightlifting Straps

  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Lat pull downs
  • Shrugs
  • Rows

Of course, it is a good idea to work on your grip strength specifically using hand grips, doing fist or fingertip push ups, climb ropes or hanging from a pull up bar, however why allow your performance in other areas suffer in the meantime?

Other uses for padded weightlifting straps are:


  • Life more weight and reach your goals faster.
  • Allow you to train around injuries that may hinder you from holding onto the weight so you don’t stall your progress.
  • Lets you focus on specific muscle group(s) without being concerned about losing your grip enabling you to reach your individual goals.
  • Keep you safe while performing exercises where a slip in your grip could cause injury… this provides some great peace of mind.
  • The benefit of being able to extend your sets beyond what your normal grip allows providing a higher total volume of work.

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Of course we think Rip Toned has the best lifting straps but to be sure we got some 3rd party input. Kevin Weiss, professional bodybuilder and powerlifter honored us by reviewing our weightlifting workout straps and doing a How to Use Weightlifting Straps video for us… you can see it below.



Common Questions About Weightlifting Straps

Q: What is the difference between workout straps, powerlifting straps, bodybuilding straps and weight lifting wrist straps?
A: Absolutely nothing (other than the name)
Q: Should I use my lifting straps on all my reps?
A: We recommend only using them when you need them. This allows you to work on your grip strength on your lower weight reps.
Q: One of the most common questions is “how to use weight lifting straps”
A: Just take a peek a little bit above where you are for a great video
Click here to see our Rip Toned weight lifting straps on Amazon.

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