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When Should I start using Lifting Straps?

Like a football player’s cleats, or a skier’s poles, lifting straps are a necessary tool for weightlifting, especially at the highest level. Lifting straps are incredibly valuable tools when it comes to lifting serious weight, but at what point should you start using them if you are nearer to the beginning of your lifting career? To answer this question best, let’s begin with the main benefits of using lifting straps.

Better Control- Using lifting straps often feels more secure than just your hands since the weight is tethered to your body instead of just resting in your sweaty palms. This builds confidence and allows the lifter to knock out more reps instead of worrying about the weight slipping and needing to regrip.

More Efficient- For many lifters, the first thing to give out when doing pulling exercises like deadlifts, rows, or shrugs is their firm hold on the bar or dumbbell. The muscles in the hands, wrist, and forearm may give out before the muscles you are actually targeting do. If you are forced to stop a deadlift because your hands, you are short-changing your back and legs. 

Immediate Results- The addition of lifting straps all but guarantees a new personal best on most pulling lifts. Having a solid hold on the weight allows the lifter to focus more energy on the lift itself instead of wasting energy on maintaining grip control. Hitting new PRs is a great feeling and pushes lifters to keep moving forward and putting in the work.

So… When should you start using lifting straps?

For beginners, getting used to performing lifts with your natural grip is ideal. However, as you learn the proper form and begin to add more and more weight to your pulling lifts, you may find that your hands give out before your legs, shoulders, or back do. This is when lifting straps can become a game changer and take your workouts and your results to the next level.

There are those who believe that using lifting straps prevents the development of grip strength. While it is true that using your natural grip does improve grip strength, most people don’t go through the trouble of doing deadlifts for stronger fingers. There are plenty of exercises that improve grip strength. Lifting straps simply let you target larger muscle groups more effectively when you lift.

Graduating to lifting straps means you have your form down and have begun to pull some serious weight. Just make sure you get lifting straps that work as hard as you do from riptoned.com. We have several colors, designs, and sizes to choose from and are used by some amazing athletes! Check them out right here.

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